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Rural Areas

Anybody who has spent several years in a rural area or who knows people who live in a rural area tends to experience or have or hear stories relating to the paranormal. For example, I have heard from those who have relatives in rural Russia that there is not a family that lives in the country that has not had an encounter with something that would be classified as the paranormal. Ask whoever you know who lives in a rural area what the weirdest thing is that ever happened to them and you might be surprised. The problem is that people tend to totally conceal whenever something happens to them out of fear of ridicule, so asking them privately is often what is required. If you think of common paranormal stereotypes about grey aliens abducting people in corn fields or people seeing mothmen, big foot, or "sheepsquatch", it's most often in rural areas that people tend to have paranormal experiences & that most of the "paranormal tropes" originate from. In my own experience, it is true that the "veil" is most thick when around large groups of people and when you live in cities, and tends to be thinner when you are alone and especially when in a rural area. It is similar to what occurs to people who are experienced night-shift workers, or those who frequent abandoned locations. It also helps that people that live in rural areas tend to be less distracted with external activities and so become more open to communication with spirits and paranormal entities, in both good and bad ways.  It is for this reason that occultists throughout history have preferred living in rural areas for performing spiritual workings.

Due to isolation and need, individuals in rural areas also, by extension, often get interested in magical ways of curing diseases. While many of these things might sound like superstition, individuals who go to those well-versed in "voodoo" type methods of curing disease (which revolves around plants, animal sacrifice, and appeasing different spiritual entities, who in turn effect the cure) know first-hand that it is both extremely effective and completely and totally real. In reality, this "witchcraft" is the world's oldest and truest religion that any person who takes responsibility for themselves and is open to learning can practice. The occultist has the ability to contact and communicate with these entities that are known as cryptids by the uninitiated, that terrorize or confuse the average person who encounters them. As I described before, there are certain locations that are hot spots for specific classes of spirits. These beings are very real and are often just ignored by scientists who can't explain them. This is the case for alot of the U.F.O. phenomenon, as well as things like the cattle mutilations and cows found without any blood in them, which is still happening al of the time in the USA. Not only is it not explained; it is simply ignored by scientists and the media on a large scale. If you ask the average person, there is a strong, persistent idea that it was debunked or that it stopped happening and yet when you look into it yourself, you find all sources saying that it is continuous and unexplained. (Links below). It's the same with U.F.Os. Jaques Vallee was surprised that while working at an observatory individuals were deleting footage of U.F.Os, explaining that to talk about them risks your entire reputation in the scientific world. So they are real, but because people think they aren't and your reputation is ruined if you talk about them, no one will share this evidence. Obviously it's better not to talk about these things with the majority of people. I'll be going over different types of spirits in future articles as it's quite an extensive topic and also one that people often get confused about.


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