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Who Are You Going to Call?

It should go without saying that if you're going to call a spirit, you have to have a name in order to evoke and call it before you. Like a telephone number, the name puts you in touch with the being you're looking to communicate with. Let's say you wanted to evoke Lilith for example: you would write her name and place it in your triangle and then sit in your circle. You need to have some ability to determine what sort of incense they want to fuel their manifestation as well, which in Lilith's case is rose. If you don't know what incense the spirit wants, just go with myrrh. Light the incense and chant her name.

In reality, there's no need to do anything other than this. If nothing happens, simply repeat it daily until you gain contact. This is literally all you have to do and everything else you have read or heard about calling a spirit doesn't matter. All other ceremonial tools are useless. Other than rings or talismans that you wear, your circle and triangle, and an incense burner-- you don't need anything else. This, however, obviously depends on your ability to "compel" something to obey you-- your ability and success to get what you want to come. It also depends on your affinity with whatever you are calling. If you're looking to have a stronger connection, you may want to get a ring or metal disk and engrave the spirit's name on it, and then place it in the triangle when you attempt communication. Some people will use a ring like this and feed it with the blood of small game, as well as perfume/incense weekly in order to keep it "charged". Blood is the most important offering and incense's importance ranks next. The more often you call a spirit, the quicker and easier it comes. You might spend months or even years calling a single spirit for the best results. If you want to call a spirit, all you need is the name, then from there you can get a signature and other information on how to contact it more easily.

It is worth mentioning that a spirit's name is, in and of itself, directly its vibrational form. Examining a name with Gematria is a common practice with practitioners of Ceremonial Magic. This might be useful to begin to connect to an entity, but nothing is as quick as burning large amounts of incense (or performing a blood sacrifice). Whatever entity you choose, understand that it will subtly begin to alter your entire being and life from proximity and prolonged contact with the vibration. You can also take the offerings for the spirit you are working with to the proper location afterwards. You can take the offering to the cemetery, bury it in the ground or place it within a cave, put it in the forest, a + or T crossroad, put it in the ocean, a river, or wherever that spirit "lives".


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