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The Circle and the Triangle

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I've been wanting to start making some posts about Ceremonial Magic for a while now and had to start with the basics. Ceremonial Magic is the art of causing physical results that you are desiring: such as obtaining health, wealth, sexual partners, or destroying enemies. Due to a lot of contamination from mostly the psychedelic and hippie crowd, most people have come to think of Ceremonial Magic as a kind of self-help or psychological way of working out your issues. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, understanding that all of your emotions have no meaning or value whatsoever is the starting block for beginning to gain proficiency in Ceremonial Magic, as emotions tend to be the main thing that hold a person back from developing, as well as causing a person to be mislead in the long term pursuit of the discipline. What most people think of as reality is nothing more than a sensorial illusion. While people are familiar with this concept due to films like "The Matrix" (1999) and the lesser known film "Exitenz" (1999), they do not often understand the extent of the trickery and delusion they are suffering under. Our starting point is the material world, which is nothing more than what they experience through the 5 senses corresponding to the 5 elements: Fire to sight, Earth to Smell, Air to touch, and Water to taste. In regards to spirituality for most, the entire conception of it revolves around the idea of being a kind of masochist; essentially castrating yourself (or cutting off your clitoris for the female equivalent) and deluding yourself into thinking you have some type of moral superiority because of this. In reality, religion and the vast majority of psychology and philosophy is a psyop designed to get people who are dumb enough to fall for this mentality to give up money, sex, ambition and self respect so that there is more for them.

In regards to Ceremonial Magic, the first tool required-- besides an empty space-- is the magical circle and triangle. The demarcation of a space for performing a ritual is simple and, yet, when internalized and completely mastered, helps a person to gain the necessary discrimination to get rid of stupid ideas that they have absorbed (which is why it corresponds to the anus and feet in the microcosm). You have to discard things that are untrue and remain in contact with the physical world with your feet. It can give a person the understanding that most of what they think about reality is wrong, and that they have to begin to learn how things actually work... realizing that not only is most of what they are told totally wrong; it is in fact mostly opposite of what they are told. Morals are not only unreal but actually created by and forced onto you by people who know this, and who want to weaken and enslave you by hiding the truth behind reality that they know that gives them immense power over you. The trick is to get you thinking you're superior for doing things that are contrary to your self-interests and your personal ability to gain resources. So naturally in regards to magic, people start babbling on about how it's about being kind to others or giving away your money or material possessions, rather than getting tons of money and sex and destroying your enemies so that you are then liberated from any obligations to others. If being a lobotomized ineffectual slave is what does it for you, then definitely stop reading this and go live in a pod and eat bugs. I will tell you that you're Holy for doing it all you want. Also it's Holy if you give me all of the money in your bank account; thats the most Holy thing. You're a good person for doing it-- the best person for doing it.

So, ideally you want a room or a kind of shed for your workings. A dirt floor is desirable because burning and burying things are important, not to mention pouring out libations. Demarcate the space you're wanting to be using with some Rock or Sea Salt, and get a wool blanket or an animal hide (like a deer skin) and sit on it. Dig or buy a fire pit, as well as an altar with a place to store your consecrated tools within, which I will cover in the future. Understand that a magical operation can only be considered to be complete when you obtain the physical result you are looking for. It is only "real" when its feet touches the material world and you get the desired result, whatever that was. To sum up: you need a small space to burn things, bury things, and pour out alcohol, milk, and other liquids on the ground, where you won't be disturbed and can sit comfortably on a blanket. You have to sprinkle salt around it and consecrate it for your use. Draw circle on a painter's cloth or on the earth. The circle should be big enough for both you to sit in, as well as for you to place your altar within. There should be a 3 ft equilateral triangle outside the circle for calling in your desired spirit.


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