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The Occult Origin of Liminal Spaces

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Aside from your personal temple, there are a few other places that have special spiritual importance to consider. If you are familiar with the concept of "liminal spaces" gaining traction in the meme and creepy pasta communities, you get an idea that certain places are imbued with certain qualities and ambiance that give them a potency, which people who are interested in the occult have always taken advantage of. In most parts of the world it is thought that abandoned places, cemeteries, battlefields, deserts, & cross roads (T-shaped or + shaped) are places where spirits tend to clump together. Although people tend to think this is for spooky reasons, it really has more to do with the isolation aspect. While there are spirits in cities, there is a reason why anyone who lives or visits rural areas for any extensive amount of time comes to believe in the supernatural or the world of spirits, as spirits tend to move away from any crowded area with lots of activities. When people find certain empty or abandoned locations interesting, they are actually picking up on the presence of these spirit forces, which is why in India, for example, going to abandoned locations or cemeteries forms an important part of contacting certain entities or spirits.

It should also be mentioned that the act of going to a place has a spiritual effect, especially when done with intent for a spiritual purpose. This is the reason why pilgrimages form an important role in religious and occult practices. The act of going to a place outside of your normal daily routine forever alters and changes your stream of reality. Going to an abandoned mall, getting comfortable and contacting spirits can work much better simply because there are more spirits in that area due to the space. The same goes for National Parks or Nature reserves, which often have spirits powerful enough to keep people from touching and developing the area-- also relating to why people tend to go missing in large numbers in these areas. Aside from contacting entities, leaving certain spells or sacrifices at specific locations to be collected by the entities in that location can also be an important part of increasing the effect of a particular working.

When I was 15, I went to an abandoned house with a group of friends. A motorcycle t-shirt was nailed to the door outside and inside we found a large amount of crude prison shivs (shanks?) with black tape for handles. There were a bunch of newspaper clippings in frames but they weren't of crimes or anything specific that I could understand were related. It was just a person clipping newspaper articles out and framing them, probably about a dozen frames altogether. If you can think about the kind of people or person that was driving (walking?) through the night and put these objects here, you can understand why spirits also come to these locations, and people who see photos of these spaces can pick up on the power and presence of these entities here, which tends to fascinate their weak mind. Not to say that they are not interesting; it is simply the reason why individuals who are easier to influence mentally become prey to spirits more often.

Who knows, maybe something or someone influenced you to read this article because there was something it wanted you to know? How sure are you that all your thoughts originate from you, and that something else is not inserting thoughts into your mind to influence you in ways that it wants? This is exactly the reason why you want to-- relating to my last article-- have a circle to demarcate where you end, and where the things outside of the circle begin. There are certain spirits, for example, that will try to fuse onto you through stimulating specific sexual fantasies that give them access to the deeper parts of your energy body. When something like this happens, it can be impossible to remove the entity because the marriage becomes permanent. It is this kind of erotic horror that is responsible for a lot of the people you find screaming their heads off or mumbling things in mental asylums.

I mean the precautions when working with spirits exist for a reason, but now some of you are probably going to be too scared to ever do anything with spirits having read this. Every cult leader will tell you that it's dangerous and come up with some reason why you should follow them and give them your money or body for sex, and that's scary too. One thing that you'll notice with the liminal space images gaining traction is that there is always a suggestion of a kind of danger. It is the same with the abandoned house that I went to as a teen that contained prison weapons meant to stab someone. The reason a playground or empty parking garage at night, a dark long hallway, or abandoned location, feels dangerous is because it is. This is why it is the perfect place to contact spirits who, just like the criminals, are drawn to them precisely because they are liminal.

Consider that a liminal or transitory space is suggestive of a kind of purgatory, a place containing evil beings. Spaces can "call" things too them. When you place yourself into one of these spaces, you come into contact with beings stuck outside of society or the "normal" world. Who goes out into a desert at night other than perhaps a drug dealer or a person burying a dead body? On a spiritual level, an abandoned mall is the same as a desert; there is nothing growing there. When you look at an empty space, you get the feeling that something (some spirit) could manifest out of the nothingness, which is essentially how the Universe was created. How can something come out of nothing? It seems like something only those who study the paranormal ask, but in fact even the most educated astrophysicists ask that too. If it sounds impossible, it is because it is. It's why money-lending is frowned upon in most historical cultures; you can't create something out of nothing: creation ex nihilo. And then this circles back to the occult understanding that reality is itself a deception or illusion. It is a kind of simulation.

So, the thicker the "nothingness" of the space is within our simulation-- the more desolate it is-- the more pregnant it is with this possibility of producing something mysterious (without cause). The desert is also where the Djinn live and, of course, wild animals. Consider that the majority of liminal space images are "sterile" locations. There's not things that are "alive" in them. This again alludes to the fact the Ghosts and the dead are especially drawn to going to these locations, but also because many dead people built these often-older buildings, and so they have an intimate connection to them and you can feel it. The ambiance and sterility of these abandoned artificial locations, despite being empty, is also pregnant with a kind of "evil" possibility. A space is nothing more than a place for events to occur. So, you take a playground and it's a space for kids to play. But, when night falls it becomes a space for drug deals and other criminal activity. You get the sense that some type of being is about to appear or sinister event is about to take place (murder, etc.), and that is because it can-- and that is why these places are traditionally used to contact spirits in many cultures, as well as why so many people describe these locations as places they see in their nightmares. If you were stuck in one of these locations, you can feel that you are trapped in an infernal realm and now governed by its inferior laws that are oppressive, repetitive, and incomplete compared to the realm you came from, and now can only dimly remember.


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